Playing developmentally appropriate games with your child can be a fun way to stimulate and support language development. The following games would make great gifts this holiday season for children 4 and up. Be sure to also check out last year’s blog with suggestions from our OT department.

Language and Literacy:
Pop for Sight Words Game (5+)
Buzz Blast (7+)
Hedbanz for Kids! (6+)

PicWits! (10+)
20 Questions for Kids (7+)
Fitz It (10+)

Morphology Jr. (8+)
Synonyms (10+)
Spot It! (6+)

Figurative Language in a Jar (8+)
Word on the Street Junior (8+)
Word on the Street (12+)

Auditory Processing/Following Directions:
Sound It Found It (7+)
Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! (4+)

Cranium Hullabaloo (4+)
Ring Bling (5+)