Fall Weekend Social Groups!
We are in the process of planning our weekend fall social skills groups! Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested. More information will be released soon!

Bike riding skills
Looking for a way to teach your child bike riding skills... Our OT’s are well versed in helping kids with balance issues learn to ride.... Call for more information!

NEW OT/PT gym!!
CSS has joined forces with Next Step PT to offer occupational therapy and physical therapy in one location. Our newly-constructed facility, located upstairs from our office is NOW OPEN. Flexible hours are available to accommodate all scheduling needs. STOP BY FOR A TOUR!!

WE DID IT AGAIN! Voted as NJ’s Favorite Kids’ Docs
DID YOU KNOW.....that our therapists here at CSS were nominated for New Jersey Family Magazine's NJ's Favorite kids' docs 2014? Our practice has been nominated EVERY year since the onset of the program.

Welcome to Creative Speech Solutions!
Creative Speech Solutions, LLC is a multi-disciplinary therapy center with a dynamic team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and a nutritionist. A private practice begun by Cynthia Marrapodi over fifteen years ago evolved into Creative Speech Solutions, LLC, and has been growing ever since.

We strongly believe that working together, as a team, is imperative to maximize the progress made by each child we treat. Each of our professionals contribute his/her individual knowledge and expertise, which allows a clear picture to be created of every child's areas of challenge, and just as importantly, areas of strength.

Creative Speech Solutions, LLC provides the following types of services:

• Oral-motor, speech, language, feeding evaluations & therapy
• Feeding groups
• Social skills/play programs
• Occupational therapy evaluations and treatment
• Individual & group literary instruction with reading specialist
• Music Therapy
• Nutritional consultations & customized nutrition care plans
• Parent consultation & counseling
• Consultations with school districts to coordinate services
• Academic/educational recommendations
• Development of comprehensive therapy program plans.

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