Inclement Weather Policy
All notifications about delayed openings or office closures will be on the CSS website and/or on our Facebook page. All sessions will be held as scheduled unless otherwise posted.

Winter Saturday Social Groups
Registration is now open for our winter social groups. Please contact us to inquire regarding the types of groups offered at CSS.

Fav Kids Docs
Our therapists here at CSS were nominated for NJ's Fav kids docs 2015. Our practice has been nominated EVERY year since the onset of the program in 2009.

Check out our new Blog section of the website. Our blogs offer information on milestones, fine motor skills, book recommendations and much much more... MORE than just SPEECH & FEEDING!
Creative Speech Solutions, LLC is a multi-disciplinary pediatric therapy center with a dynamic team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and a nutritionist. A private practice begun by Cynthia Marrapodi over 20 years ago evolved into Creative Speech Solutions, LLC, and has been growing ever since.

We strongly believe that working together, as a team, is imperative to maximize the progress made by each child we treat. Each of our professionals contribute his/her individual knowledge and expertise, which allows a clear picture to be created of every child's areas of challenge, and just as importantly, areas of strength.

Creative Speech Solutions, LLC provides the following types of services:
• Individual oral-motor, speech, language, and feeding evaluations and therapy
• Occupational therapy evaluations and treatment in a state-of-the-art sensory gym
• Literary instruction with reading specialist
• Social skills/play programs
• Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) evaluations and therapy
• Programming AAC devices (low to high tech); parent training
• Parent consultation and counseling
• Consultation with school districts and other professionals to coordinate services
• Academic/Educational recommendations
• Development of comprehensive program plans
• Customized nutritional care plans

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