Occupational Therapy can help children with various needs improve their motor and sensory skills and enhance their self-esteem. Many people think that occupational therapy is only for adults. But kids have “occupations” too; a child’s main job involves playing, learning, and engaging in daily routines. Remediating and teaching these basic life skills through the use of play and therapeutic activities allows children to develop to their fullest potential and engage in age-appropriate activities with increased independence and confidence.

To commemorate Occupational Therapy Month, below is a Top Ten List of things occupational therapists can help your child with.

  1. OTs help children work on fine motor skills needed for school such as cutting, handwriting, and keyboarding.
  2. OTs help kids learn to independently dress themselves and tie their shoes.
  3. OTs help kids improve eye-hand coordination to improve their play and school skills such as copying from the blackboard and hitting a ball.
  4. OTs help kids with behavioral disorders learn appropriate ways to deal with anger and frustration.
  5. OTs help children learn gross motor skills such as jumping jacks and bike riding.
  6. OTs help kids who have sensory and attentional issues to improve focus and social skills.
  7. OTs help children learn to use utensils properly.
  8. OTs help hyperactive/energetic children find ways to appropriately provide their bodies with more feedback, help regulate themselves, or improve their ability to focus.
  9. OTs help kids who are easily overwhelmed by tags on clothing, messy hands, or loud environments reduce sensory defensiveness.
  10. OTs work on both underlying issues and direct tasks to help children move from “I need help,” to “I can do it myself!”

Occupational therapy intervention can make a profound difference in the life of a child. For more information regarding our occupational therapy services and to complete a checklist to see if your child may benefit from occupational therapy, click here. Call our office at 908.598.0228 to set up an appointment for a FREE OT screening or a comprehensive evaluation.