Group Programs
Creative Speech Solutions, LLC offers a variety of group programs. Groups are designed for children ages 3-9 who demonstrate delays in social communication and play skills secondary to receptive, expressive and pragmatic language deficits. Each group provides opportunities to develop and practice more age-appropriate social communication and play skills in a safe, small group environment. Populations that are served include, but are not limited to, children with language disorders, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, high functioning Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and Pragmatic Language Disorder. Parents who are interested should schedule a 45-minute screening to determine his/her child’s readiness for a group and the most appropriate placement. All groups will follow a plan that is individualized for the needs of the participants.

Prerequisite skills necessary to participate in any of these programs include:

• Ability to sit and attend without teacher direction

• Ability to follow 2-step directions

• Ability to verbally communicate basic wants and needs

• Ability to use simple sentences.

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