Mary M. - Mountainside, NJ
My son has been seeing Jessica Coletta for a little over a year to treat his sensory processing issues. He loves Miss Jessica and always looks forward to playing with her - he lights up and gets all giggly when he sees her at the door waiting for him. Jessica knows his strengths and weaknesses plus all his tricks to try and get out of doing the hard stuff, and she's able to push him and keep him on track during the session. She's also provided us with strategies to do at home including a sensory diet/sensory snacks and Therapeutic Listening. Periodically, she will also collaborate with our school OT to compare notes, progress and ideas for next steps so everyone is on the same page. Recently, we've seen good improvements in my son's ability to focus, self-regulate, and attend, as well as gradually improving strength and fine motor skills. Due to my son's issues, we'll be in therapy for years to come, but it's wonderful to know Jessica is a part of our support team.

No review of Creative Speech Solutions is complete without mention of the administrative team. Robin's friendly face greets us every week. Working with their contact at our insurance company, they successfully got us out-of-network approval. Not many private practices offer this service, but it's a much welcome help and relief for families experiencing ongoing therapy bills.

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