Doreen M. - Summit, NJ
When our son was first diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech by Creative Speech Solutions, our initial feelings were simultaneously relief and fear: relief that there was a reason for our not being able to understand the words he was trying to say; and a profound fear that we never would. After a year of therapy at CSS those fears have all but disappeared. Karen, our SLP at CSS has worked wonders. Asking a two and a half year old boy to stay seated for thirty minutes is hard enough, let alone asking him to repeat sounds and words that his speech muscles struggle to form. She has consistently found ways to motivate him, and as a result he has shown remarkable progress. Her deep understanding of his disability, her proactive approach to his therapy and her ability to adapt to his responses has yielded unquestionably positive results. Her communication with us has been outstanding and CSS as a whole has gone above and beyond in accommodating us, from school advice and appointment scheduling, to complex insurance issues. After just over a year of therapy, we are no longer afraid, but thankful that we have such an amazing team of professionals helping our son.

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