Justin R. - Berkeley Heights, NJ
Our son Max had difficulties with speech from a very early age; and for many years, we never knew what his official "problem" was. Finally, a few months after Max turned three; he was formally diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia.   It was at this point that we found Cynthia, who conducted her own evaluation of Max and instantly came up with a plan.  What immediately struck my wife and I was how genuinely interested Cynthia was in helping our son - so much so that she even rearranged her schedule to accommodate early morning sessions since that was the only time we could make it given our own work schedules.
From the very first session, Max responded well to Cynthia.  She was energetic and "fun" and motivated Max by continuously changing the session routine to accommodate his interests.  Cynthia was also very diligent about documenting what she and Max focused on each week.  She kept his lessons in a notebook and showed us how to use that notebook at home so that we could reinforce all that he was learning.  Literally within just a few weeks we saw significant improvements in Max’s ability to communicate.  His teachers at school even mentioned his progress, which proved to us that this was working.  Within seven months after his first session with Cynthia, Max had improved to the point where he was considered "age appropriate" and Cynthia suggested that we stop the speech sessions altogether.  We were shocked - he had actually caught up to his peers.
We cannot express how thrilled we are that Max has come so far.  We feel so fortunate to have met Cynthia, who has tremendous experience, energy and integrity. We have seen several speech therapists ever since Max was a baby.  Hands down Cynthia is the best, and we cannot recommend her or thank her enough.

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