Mom - Madison, NJ
Our 6 year-old son has been involved in a variety of feeding therapies since he was 6 months old. Through the years, we thought we were doing what was best for our son, based upon due diligence of programs and the reputations of esteemed therapists in the field. This included a 6-week intensive, daily outpatient program at a well-respected children's hospital and therapist. After many failures, frustrations and gut feelings that things were "not right," we found Kira Farman at CSS a little over two years ago. It is an understatement to say she has changed our lives. She is absolutely, hands-down the best therapist for our family. Everybody else had approached him the wrong way. It wasn't until we saw what feeding therapy should look and feel like, with Kira, that we saw our beautiful kid blossom. The progress our son has made with Kira is phenomenal. Kira is kind, calm, patient, knowledgable and empathetic. She keeps up-to-date on current approaches in the field and has many tools to address issues. She treats us (his parents) as part of the team and we all work together. Most importantly, she is respectful to our son, a quality that is lacking in the top professionals in this field. It can be an excruciatingly painful road when your child has feeding disorders, but Kira has been a light in the darkness for us. Kira Farman is extraordinary.

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