Jeannie C. - Stirling, NJ
My son, John, qualified for speech and OT after being evaluated by the state Early Intervention Team in April of 2012. I decided to take him privately and began to do some research on Speech/OT facilities in the area. A friend of mine highly recommended Creative Speech Solutions in Summit. From my first call, I knew Creative Speech Solutions was a caring place. The office staff (Robin) couldn't have been nicer and answered all my questions. They also helped me deal with my insurance challenges. (and they still are!) I also received a call from the Director, Cynthia Marrapodi, and she was extremely helpful!

My son, John, began receiving OT in July of 2012 with Laura Heil. Laura is an amazing therapist and has truly made a difference in John's life. He has made consistent progress and loves going to work with "Miss Laura." John also began receiving Speech therapy in September of that year from Kira Farman. John has made fine progress and enjoys his time with "Miss Kira."

I am very grateful to everyone at Creative Speech Solutions for helping John! (as well as our entire family.) I am so glad that I got that recommendation from my friend and I would highly recommend Creative Speech Solutions to anyone I know!

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