Sharon A. – Morris Plains, NJ
My five-year old son has been attending literacy therapy at Creative Speech Solutions with Tovah for almost a year. When he began, he had trouble remembering the names and sounds of letters. After working with Tovah for a couple of months it just "clicked". He could tell me any letter and the sound it made. At preschool and at home we had been working on the alphabet with him for the better part of two years and we hadn't been able to make any progress. Tovah used an approach of teaching the alphabet that
incorporated visual, sensory and auditory cues. Once he started to succeed with the alphabet he become very excited to learn to read. Literacy therapy is one of his favorite "classes". He looks forward every week for a chance to read a new book. We have been so very happy with how he has done. Tovah has been nurturing and supportive. My son has always loved having books read to him. Now that he can read even a little bit on his own he has so much more confidence in his own abilities.

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