Nancy R. - Verona, NJ
My son was introduced to Cynthia and her wonderful team when he was just 4 years old and unable to express himself beyond one or two spoken words and some sign language due to a combination of his autism spectrum disorder and developmental apraxia of speech. At 8 years old now, he is better-equipped to express his needs through a combination of much-improved articulation, two- to three-word sentence formation and use of his iPad as an augmentative speech device. The team at Creative Speech (current therapist Anna) has gone beyond providing weekly therapy: Not only did they diagnose his apraxia and develop a detailed therapy plan, they regularly communicate with his school therapists, provide us with instruction to carry over therapy at home, collaborate with us on his goals, assist us with insurance issues, and introduce other potentially helpful therapies. They continue to help our son learn to communicate by playing to his strengths, encouraging and challenging him to strive for his greatest potential and find his true "voice."

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