Jackie E. - Westfield, NJ
Shortly after my son turned 2, I had him evaluated by an ENT to examine his tonsils and adenoids. Due to the "the sound of his breathing." It was suggested that I give speech therapy a try. Since we had been to Creative Speech Solutions for feeding therapy already, of course I contacted Cynthia again.

I feel so fortunate that Anna entered our lives. She made a HUGE impact on both my life and my son's, and what she did with him in under a year is truly remarkable. To think that he had so many language errors, from "peppy-toe" for peanut butter and "atta" for truck, wow she did amazing things with him. His speech is much clearer and he has made huge progress from where we started.

What I loved most about the 2 years I spent at Creative Speech is the level of care we received, and warm, loving environment that Creative Speech embodies. As a parent, there is nothing I could want more for my child than for him to look forward to seeing Anna, and to want to hug and kiss her every time we saw her (There were times I wanted to as well!!) Often people would ask me, why drive all the way to Summit for speech when there are options close by? My answer is simple- their skill and expertise is top notch, they always do what's in the best interest of my child, and I wouldn't trust anyone else. In my mind, there is no replacement for excellent care, which is what we always received at Creative Speech. I feel grateful for all that you've done for my son and I just want to say thank you.

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