Billing Information
* Please note *

* CSS is In Network with Aetna's and Cigna's commercial plans ONLY. We are NOT providers with their NJ Family Care Medicaid plans. If unsure of your plan, please confirm with carrier directly.

* CSS is an Out of Network provider for all OT treatments.

Families and insurance carriers we participate with are billed directly on a monthly basis for services provided at the rates outlined on the enclosed fee schedule. We are a contracted provider through Aetna Healthcare and Cigna Insurance companies for medically necessary/contractually covered speech therapy services. Coverage for therapy services is determined by your insurance carrier.

Occupational therapy, nutritional consultations, and music therapy are all out-of-network services.

Cash; personal checks made payable directly to Creative Speech Solutions, LLC; and Visa and Mastercard are options for payment. A $30 fee will be charged for any returned checks. Your insurance company should reimburse you directly for the expenses you incur related to services provided. Checks from your insurance company are not accepted as a means of payment. We do ask that all patients keep a valid credit card on file with our office even if you will not be paying in this manner on a regular basis.

Unpaid Bills: You will be billed on a monthly basis. Payment is expected in full within two weeks of receipt of your invoice, unless special arrangements have been made in advance with our billing department. Please do not wait until you have received payment from your carrier before forwarding your remittance to us. Outstanding balances that are not paid within 45 days will be charged to the credit card on file. Bills that remain unpaid for 90 days will be subject to legal action and interest at 12% APR.
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