Health Insurance (Aetna & Cigna)
* Please note *

* CSS is In Network with Aetna's and Cigna's commercial plans ONLY. We are NOT providers with their NJ Family Care Medicaid plans. If unsure of your plan, please confirm with carrier directly.

* CSS is an Out of Network provider for all OT treatments.

For In-Network Families:
We will bill your carrier directly. Although we are a provider for these two companies, this does not guarantee coverage of services or payment for these services by your insurance company. Different plans cover different services. It is therefore essential that you educate yourself regarding the services provided by your individual plan as well as the rules and regulations of your plan. This is extremely important, as some individual plans require referrals or pre-certification before appointments.

Please understand that it could take over a month for insurance to process claims. Once we receive a statement from your carrier, we will bill you for the outstanding balance. In the event that your insurance company denies payment or authorization, you are 100% responsible for the bill in full. In addition, claims not paid after 90-days by in network providers automatically become the responsibility of the guarantor/subscriber.

If you have questions regarding billing or insurance coverage, contact Paula Mason, Billing Representative for Creative Speech Solutions, LLC.

Understanding Your Health Insurance Plan
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